4,000 ‘Creators for Ukraine’ call for Russian invasion to end


In March, collecting societies body CISAC launched a ‘Creators for Ukraine’ support fund for victims of the war. That project has so far raised €1.2 million in financial support, and also promotes the works of Ukraine creators on broadcast and streaming services. Creators for Ukraine has now collected the signatures of thousands of creators from 50 countries pledging “unshakeable solidarity with our fellow creators in Ukraine”.

It’s a letter that speaks on behalf of “a diverse creative community, but with one united voice”, and was delivered by senior CISAC members, including its President, and ABBA co-founder, Björn Ulvaeus. The campaign is ongoing, and creators everywhere are invited to add their signatures to the open letter.

It’s sometimes all too easy to view the terrible consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and feel helpless, but shows of solidarity like this aim to remind the world that its signatories are “motivated not by destruction but by a thirst for life, a desire to create and change this world for the better,” said Valeriy Kharchyshyn, songwriter, frontman of Ukrainian band Друга Ріка – Druga Rika, and Director General of Ukraine’s music authors society NGO-UACRR.

There’s still not a consensus on exactly how – or if – global music companies should suspend their businesses with Russia. CISAC itself has experienced some pressure to suspend the Russian PRO RAO.

Written by: Joe Sparrow