It’s still not clear exactly how the web3 and NFT space will shake out into a suite of common services for fans and artists, but we are getting closer to understanding. Nomad Media Club, for instance, is a new web3 streaming platform and “holistic home for audio sharing and social networking.” Musicians, podcasters and artists will be able to mint NFTs that lets them share and stream content, and do things like network with artists and listeners – as well as “multiple opportunities to accrue crypto.” It’s still not completely clear if that latter incentive is something that most musicians are interested in, or even if they consider it to be part of their creative ambitions, but we’ll find out as the ecosystem continues to form.

Soundpickr, a music NFT company, has turned the official Swiss theme for Eurovision into an NFT which grants the owners a share of royalties with the artist. The song is by Marius Bear, who will perform his song “Boys Do Cry”, and people who want to support him or the song can purchase the song as an NFT – and holders will “benefit from 20% mechanical royalties (streaming platforms) as well as 20% from creator royalties from secondary sales” according to the Soundpickr website, which also forecasts Bear’s revenue generated via streaming ($541 as of this morning.)

Finally, NFTs can sometimes feel like and endless grind of furry-animal-cartoon projects, so something a bit weirder is a nice change, at least. A new collaboration between Japanese singer-songwriter, Pikotaro (known for his idiosyncratic YouTube hit, ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’) and the nine-year-old “NFT phenomenon”, Zombie Zoo Keeper, appears on new platform OP3N, “a launchpad for IP and communities in Web3.”

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