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There is keen interest in how the big social media platforms’ systems for sharing money with creators are evolving. Facebook and TikTok both had announcements yesterday on their latest moves.

Facebook is launching a ‘challenges’ system for its Reels feature, which is slightly confusing because it has nothing to do with the hashtag challenges that are so popular on short-video apps. Instead, Facebook will set its Reels creators monthly goals for their content: “For example, earn $20 when 5 of your Reels reach 100 plays each. When a creator completes one challenge, the next challenge becomes unlocked. For example, when a creator completes the 5 Reel challenge example above, they would see the next one, e.g., earn $100 when 20 of your Reels reach 500 plays each, and so on.” It’s part of a wider expansion of moneymaking features on Reels.

As for TikTok, it is launching a new ‘contextual advertising solution’ called TikTok Pulse, which will insert ads next to the top videos in people’s ‘For You’ feeds in its app. What’s important is that this is also TikTok’s first ad revenue-sharing program with creators: those with at least 100,000 followers will be able to get a share of the Pulse loot.

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