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There’s a lot of excitement within the music industry around the metaverse, but it’s useful (not to mention bracing) to hear from people who are decidedly unexcited by this technology.

Tony Fadell, for example. The former Apple exec (where he picked up the sobriquet ‘Father of the iPod’) has given a no-nonsense interview to The Verge about his views.

“I don’t want to hear about the Metaverse. I really don’t. F**k the Metaverse,” said Fadell. “I understand VR and AR in certain applications, like in design, but I don’t want to meet people in the Metaverse. I want to be able to look into somebody else’s eyes. I want to see and feel and look into their soul and build a relationship,” said Fadell.

“I am not against VR, AR, or XR. I have been doing VR since 1989. At the University of Michigan, I made gloves and lights and 3D displays on SGI or Unix workstations. I’m not against it. What I am against is pouring so much money and time to get people so focused and more insular, and to stop making human connection.”

He went on to take a jab at Meta. “I just saw that Meta, or Facebook, or whatever they want to call themselves, has spent probably $30 billion on the Metaverse already. $30 billion? Really? Is that an efficient use of money? Where are we still? We just have better games. We’re meeting in the Metaverse with no hands, no bodies, and no torso. We can’t even look into each other’s eyes. 30 billion bucks?”

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