Block financials hint at Tidal’s latest revenue figures


Tidal’s owner Block is a public company, so we’re getting quarterly insights into how the streaming service’s own financials. Well, at least hints about those numbers. Block’s Q1 2022 filing reveals that ‘corporate and other’ revenues were $54.6m last quarter, and that this is “primarily Tidal”.

No year-on-year comparison was provided, but the ‘corporate and other’ segment’s revenues were $57.7m in the third quarter of 2021, and $55.7m in the fourth quarter. That hints at a steady quarter-on-quarter decline, but proper year-on-year figures will give a better picture: perhaps we’ll see those for Q2.

Tidal was only mentioned once in Block’s earnings call: when CEO Jack Dorsey addressed a question about ‘social’ payments driving growth by saying that this was “one of the reasons we acquired that company”. A nod to what Tidal is already doing with ‘direct-to-artist’ payments, and the potential to expand that.

Written by: Stuart Dredge