French deal sets minimum streaming royalties for musicians


Something significant is afoot in France, via an agreement between labels body SNEP and producers organisation SCPP. “A historic agreement to guarantee all performers a minimum remuneration for the exploitation of their streaming recordings” in fact.

SNEP and SCPP did not announce what that minimum rate is, but instead described the agreement in more general terms.

“A new framework that adapts the relationship between performers and producers to the new uses of music consumption” that “takes care to respect the economic model of all music companies, regardless of their size, and their ability to produce and develop performers, in France”.

The deal will set minimum royalty rates AND “the principle of a minimum advance”, as well as for artists “a specific package for streaming and automatic additional remuneration when listening thresholds are crossed”. The fact that session musicians are included is notable, too.

We understand that the payments will be collected from labels by collecting societies, who will then handle the payouts to performers. As always, the devil will be in the details, but the agreement will certainly arouse keen interest well beyond France, as the streaming economy debates continue.

Written by: Stuart Dredge