One of the criticisms of TikTok culture has been of a lack of credit for the originators of some of its trends. For example, choreography invented by young Black creators on the app, with more established creators celebrated for popularising it. Now TikTok is launching a feature that could ensure those original creators get their props.

“Creators will have the ability to directly tag, mention, and credit a video in their description, showcasing the diverse voices on the platform and the strength of our community,” said TikTok in its announcement. It’s a good idea, but the key will be whether people use it.

In separate news, TikTok is also launching a new advertising initiative called ‘Branded Mission’. “An industry-first ad solution that enables advertisers to crowdsource authentic content from creators on TikTok, turn top-performing videos into ads, and improve brand affinity with media impressions,” as the company put it. In other words, a way for brands to put out briefs, for TikTokers to respond and (if their videos are used) get paid.

It could be something labels and artist teams might be able to tap into as advertisers, but also something emerging artists might be able to make money from as creators.

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