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Startup HIFI Labs has been doing some interesting things around music and NFTs: for example its partnership with artist RAC to create his racOS community. Now it’s doing something else interesting around its own ‘musicOS’ project.

“Through our discovery phase we’ve realised that it will be beneficial to separate the data layer out under its own name and organisation, giving it full freedom to operate in a decentralised manner and be entirely open source,” announced the company.

The spin-off is called neume, and will be led by Dan Fowler, who you may remember from his appearance on the Music Ally Focus podcast last year. His job now: “neume is tasked with indexing all activity within the emerging Web3 Music industry. It will provide the infrastructure needed to easily spin up platforms that experiment with showcasing Web3 Music and the endless potential of deeper connections between Artists and Fans.”

Well worth keeping an eye on.

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