Place your bets: are there now more ‘curators’ working in the music streaming industry than there are in the world of museums and art galleries? It’s believably possible.

Startup Melodies is making these people the heart of its €2.99-a-month subscription service, which has just launched in Czechia (the Czech Republic) and Slovakia. It’s an app based entirely around playlists for activities, moods, genres and eras, with the promise that listeners have “no need to type or search”.

Readers with long memories will know that this isn’t a new idea: in the early 2010s a startup called Songza pioneered the idea of a playlist-driven service, nudging the likes of Spotify to follow suit (and ultimately getting acquired by Google).

Melodies looks like a slick 2022 take on what Songza was doing, so we’ll be keen to see if its affordably-priced subscription model catches on as competition to the playlists curated within the big streaming services.

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