Aive aims to streamline reformatting videos for online use


As marketers and creators (musicians included) alike are finding out, servicing an array of social and video services can be a lot of legwork. That’s why startups keep springing up with bright promises to make the process easier.

The latest example is Aive, which is focused on “large-scale video automation”. At its heart is the idea of uploading a single video, and having that turned into a barrage of different versions to suit the formatting required by the various social and video platforms.

However, Aive has also built tools to analyse videos and provide feedback on whether they’re working well. “Compare your creations with pre-test creative insights,” as the blurb puts it. TechCrunch has more in a profile, including the news that Aive has raised $3.2m of seed funding to continue building its tools.

Written by: Stuart Dredge