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Pixelynx is a startup with its fingers in many web3 pies, from gaming to NFTs. Now the company, which was founded by musicians deadmau5 and Plastikman, has unveiled its first mobile game, and an accompanying investment from Pokémon Go maker Niantic.

The game is called Elynxir and is using Niantic’s recently-announced ‘Lightship‘ platform to create what looks (from the teaser video) like a music-infused take on augmented reality games like Pokémon Go. “A world built on the premise that artists and fans want fun and exciting new ways to interact and drive culture together,” as Pixelynx CEO Inder Phull put it. Elynxir is due to launch publicly in August.

The investment in Pixelynx, announced at Niantic’s Lightship Summit event this week, comes from Niantic Ventures, and is an undisclosed amount. It’s one of two startups taking funding from Niantic: the other is ‘XR wellness’ firm Tripp. Niantic had already announced Warner Music Group and Coachella as early testers of Lightship, and is working with Sony Corporation on audio AR technology.

One note of caution on Elynxir though: no AR games like Pokémon Go have come anywhere near the success of actual Pokémon Go. If even Harry Potter ultimately failed, Pixelynx will be well aware of the hard work ahead.

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