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When people talk about ‘the metaverse’ it’s somewhat misleading: what we’ve got in 2022 are a collection of individual metaverses (or if you prefer to avoid the ‘m’ word: games and virtual worlds) that are siloed. You can’t jump into Fortnite with your Roblox avatar, or bring items you create in Meta’s Horizon Worlds into Decentraland, etc.

However, Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney thinks this will change. “We need to expand and connect all our systems together. We need to connect our economies. We need to move our proprietary technology to open standards, file formats and networking protocols so that all our systems can interoperate and we can all be participants in the metaverse,” he told the Financial Times.

“That’s going to be a process that will happen over the next decade. Right now, we have separate executable programs on your computer to run Fortnite and Roblox and other things. In the future, I think you’ll see something more like a metaverse browser that points to the right standard and you can visit any metaverse experience… I think the open version of this is going to be so much more compelling, both for consumers and for all the brands to participate. I think it will win out over anybody’s attempt to build a walled garden, locked-down version of that.”

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