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Or, as a games-industry research-themed bingo caller might put it: ‘All the twos, $222bn in 2022!’

That’s the prediction for games spending made by the latest report from research firms Data·ai and IDC. They also break down that figure by format: $136bn to be spent on mobile games this year – 61.3% of the total – $42bn on console games; $40bn on PC and Mac games; and $4bn on handheld console games.

There is also some data on how the gaming audience is changing. “Demographic inclusion — with expansion in both ends of the spectrum,” as the report’s authors put it. “In the US 47% of the top 1000 grossing mobile games skew towards Gen Z, up from 41% 2 years ago. Conversely (and contrary to what many may infer), the Gen X/ Baby Boomer age bracket (those aged 45 [sic]) were the fastest growing age group for mobile spending in the US, with share of games skewing towards older audiences up 31% (7 percentage points) from 2019 to 2021.”

The full report is available here.

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