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The Australian music industry has launched a survey to canvass industry workers’ experience of sexual harm, harassment and discrimination. Backed by various industry bodies, the survey is open until 20 June, and is the latest stage of the wider national ‘Music Industry Review’ project launched in late 2021 in Australia.

The review has so far included focus groups, and the option for confidential interviews and written submissions.

“We see ourselves as an industry that’s passionate about music, vibrant, creative, innovative, world class. And, like every good mirror, the Review is also showing us our shadow side: the everyday sexism and harassment, the sexual misconduct that’s not held accountable,” wrote Kirti Jacobs, head of people and culture at APRA AMCOS, one of the organisations backing the review.

“What we’re also seeing clearly, possibly for the first time, is the bullying, by men and women, of men, women and non-binary people in our industry. And the exclusion: the faces and the voices that are missing around our tables, at our gigs, on our streaming services, on the airwaves.”

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