The latest startup exploring whether augmented reality (AR) technology can do fun things for music is ImmerSphere. It’s a platform for all kinds of performance, music included, based around tappable ‘spheres’ through which people can watch those performances. The company will pay artists whenever they are watched within ImmerSphere’s app, with a fee that it claims is similar to a physical live performance, rather than streaming / livestreaming amounts.

“I had already broadcast tiny holograms of performers onto my desk or kitchen table; I had walked through shimmering AR portals that allowed me to enter a 360 space; and I had experienced the magic of geospatially pinning a virtual object to a real-world set of coordinates,” is the pitch from founder and CEO Oni Buchanan.

“To create something specific to performance, I wanted to merge all three, placing a hologram of a performer inside a 360-degree space, and have that combination pinned to coordinates in the actual world.”

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