Spotify for Artists has launched a set of career resources for artists in the form of a new website called In Focus, which provides artists with “the tools and guidance you need to nail each of your career goals.”

In Focus was made “to address the biggest questions and most important goals we’ve been hearing from artists”, Spotify says, and the site highlights 21 focus areas via five main career categories to start digging into: Create, Promote, Connect, Earn, Learn. Each contains tools, resources and tips for personal development.

Inevitably, the advice has a distinct Spotify-flavour – the “promote your work” advice section focuses on the use of its Marquee and Spotify Live features – but there’s also songwriting advice from artists like Fleet Foxes.

It’s the latest in a series of artist-focused tools that have been rolled out by the platform – like the Marquee and Noteable resources – which, Spotify hopes, shows its commitment to empowering songwriters. (As we’ve noted before when Spotify launches something new like this, it will inevitably spur some in the songwriting world to ask if they can be paid more money instead.)

It’s also presumably hoping that this will result in some big-name future success stories who emerge on Spotify under their own steam and outside of the traditional music industry system.

Spotify says that In Focus is “like an artist manager in your pocket,” which may sting the feelings of a few actual artist managers. But of course, this is not aiming at replacing managers – it’s intending to help artists that fly solo to grow on Spotify, and get them to a point where they might need a real (non-pocket-sized) manager.

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