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Google is adding an interesting new music-focused feature to its Pixel range of Android smartphones. It’s a collaboration with Teenage Engineering, the company known for its marvellous ‘Pocket Operator’ line of music-making devices.

Now it has turned that technology into an app for Google’s flagship smartphones called ‘Pocket Operator for Pixel’ which involves video as well as music. People will be able to use the app to shoot videos, then layer in music beats and melodies to create something worth sharing.

It’s not a Big News move into music-making for Google’s Android division, but it’s the latest interesting experiment from the company around music creation (see also its Chrome Music Lab).

It will be fun to see what people make with ‘Pocket Operator for Pixel’, but we’re also wondering if it hints at plans by Teenage Engineering to do more with software (i.e. apps) across a wider range of devices in the future.

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