Songtradr buys AI-powered music metadata startup Musicube


B2B music company Songtradr’s history has seen plenty of funding (rounds of $12m in 2019$30m in 2020 and $50m in 2021) and plenty of acquisitions too.

The latest example of the latter is a deal to buy Musicube, a startup that has developed AI metadata and music search tools. We wrote about the company in September 2021 when it raised $560k of funding to continue developing a product that had already attracted clients including Sony Music.

“Their impressive team of passionate musicologists and data scientists understand the power of data and its relationship with music, which ultimately benefits our brand and agency customers as well as music rights holders,” said Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire. “In order to have the world’s best B2B music search and recommendation technology, we need premier metadata enrichment technology.”

It’s the second acquisition of this kind of startup in a matter of months, following SoundCloud’s purchase of Musiio in May. If three’s a trend, rivals like Cyanite, MyPart and Aims API may be hopeful of finding their own suitors in the near future.

Written by: Stuart Dredge