ByteDance goes on a hiring spree to support Pico VR headset


Can anyone really compete with Meta in the virtual reality headsets market in the western world? Perhaps Apple will have a shot with its long-rumoured AR/VR device, but ByteDance also appears to be ramping up its ambitions.

Last August, TikTok’s parent company bought Chinese VR headset maker Pico, and now it’s going on a hiring spree for the subsidiary in the US. Tech news site Protocol reported on more than 40 job listings in the Bay Area, Seattle and San Diego, including lots of content roles  in a team called Pico Studios.

Pico’s latest device is the Neo 3 Link, which launched in Europe in May. One of Protocol’s sources said that the company has “tons of money” to spend on VR content, with the aim of building a catalogue capable of competing with Meta’s Quest headsets and the ecosystem of games and apps (music included) around them.

Written by: Stuart Dredge