Report claims 10m K-Pop albums were sold in May 2022 alone


We already know that the superfandom around top K-Pop artists extends to buying albums rather than just streaming them. Now we have some new stats on that trend, courtesy of researchers at Hyundai Motor Securities in South Korea.

Its latest data drop claims that in May 2022 alone, just under 10m K-Pop albums were sold, up 93% year-on-year. That was driven by the new albums from Seventeen and TXT, which sold 2.2m and 1.6m units respectively last month.

On a corporate level, Hybe (to which both those artists are signed) accounted for 48% of total K-Pop album sales in May according to the Korea Times.

And bear in mind this all happened the month before BTS released their new compilation album, anthology ‘Proof’, which the report suggests sold 2.2m copies on its release day alone.

It also has a prediction for attendance at K-Pop concerts in Q2 this year: 1.24 million people, with 61% being from Japan and 32% from the US.

Written by: Stuart Dredge