Behind The Campaign :: Mitski

Behind The Campaign :: Mitski

Laurel Hell is the sixth studio album by Mitski. It is on Dead Oceans (part of Secretly Group) and was released in February 2022. It followed Be The Cowboy in 2018, after the release of which Mitski announced that she was taking a hiatus. Ali Murphy (UK/EU marketing director at Secretly Group) and Robby Morris (creative director at Secretly Group) explain how her music was developing a whole new life on TikTok while she was away and was reaching into whole new audiences, where fan demand for new music was surpassing all expectations, why physical sales were booming in the interim, how key pieces of marketing (like billboards and pop-up shops) gave fans real-world places to congregate and why Mitski has broken through the indie ceiling and into the pop sphere.


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