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Landr has come a long way from its start as an AI-powered mastering service. It’s now a wider set of tools for music-makers, and its latest feature is hoping to spark some more creativity within its community.

The feature is ‘Landr Challenges‘, which involves artists, brands or influencers providing a set of sounds and setting a challenge: for example to use them in an original track or remix. It’s structured as a contest: people submit the tracks they create, the community votes on them, and then whoever launched the challenge chooses between one and 20 favourites (i.e. winners).

We’ve seen this kind of thing before, but the next step is interesting: those winning tracks will be released by Landr, with their ownership (and royalties) split between the host, the winners AND up to 100 of the people who voted for them.

Artist and producer Lxgend is the first to try it out.

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