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UK collecting society PPL has just published its gender and ethnicity pay-gap figures this morning. They reveal that the company’s mean gender pay gap is 11.7% in favour of men, while its median pay gap is 13.6% in favour of men.

Meanwhile, its ethnicity pay gap is 30.2% in favour of white employees, and its median ethnicity pay gap is 17% in favour of white employees. (Here’s a useful explanation of mean vs median pay gap calculations if you need one.)

PPL says that the figures reflect the distribution of its employees by seniority: more men and more white employees in senior roles. So, alongside releasing the figures, the society has outlined its goals for staff diversity. By 2027 it wants to have a gender split of 50-50 across its business (as opposed to 61-39 male-to-female now) and to have 30% of its staff be non-white, up from 27% now.

“Today’s announcement marks another step forward for PPL in becoming a more equitable, diverse and inclusive organisation and I’m looking forward to what we will achieve in the future,” said chief people officer Kate Reilly.

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