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Krafton is the games company behind popular action game PUBG: Battlegrounds, among others. Now it’s dabbling in synthetic reality with the unveiling of a “virtual human that is powered by hyperrealism, rigging and deep learning”. You can call her ‘ANA‘ though.

“With human-like features, such as the baby hairs and fluff on her skin, ANA truly looks unlike any other virtual human that currently exists through other technologies. The highly-advanced face rigging technology delicately expresses the movement of the pupil, fine facial muscles and wrinkles, and enables the natural joint movement across the entire body,” is how Krafton is describing her.

“Additionally, deep learning technologies, such as advanced voice synthesis, help create an artificial intelligent voice for ANA so she can act and sing just like a real human.”

Wait, sing? Yes. “ANA will release an original music track and expand her scope of activity as an influencer into various areas across entertainment and esports,” said Krafton’s Josh Seokjin Shin.

We’ve seen music from virtual artists created by another gaming firm, League of Legends developer Riot Games, do well on YouTube. Perhaps ANA can follow suit… if (always the key thing) the music is half-decent.

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