YouTube Music is launching seasonal ‘recap’ playlists


Spotify Wrapped-style annual recaps of your most-streamed music of the last 12 months? That’s SO 2021 (and 2020, 2019, 2018…) YouTube Music’s new idea is to go seasonal with its streaming nostalgia.

It has launched a ‘Spring Recap’ feature which gathers top artists, songs, albums and playlists for each of its listeners based on the last quarter, with stats to boot.

“This isn’t a one time thing! Moving forward, we’ll be providing listeners with a personalized experience for each season along with our annual Recap to reflect your year in music,” announced YouTube in its blog post. “You can also expect to see more new stats and features further showcasing your unique tastes later this year.”

YouTube Music is not the only global DSP moving in this direction, in truth. Spotify’s ‘On Repeat’ and ‘Repeat Rewind’ playlists run throughout the year with recent tracks, while its ‘Your Summer Rewind’ is a more seasonal take. Apple Music, meanwhile, has its ‘Apple Music Replay’ which updates throughout the year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge