Discord’s initial growth came largely from gamers and games companies creating chat-based communities, but it’s been expanding over time, and now a number of musicians are also using its platform.

That will make yesterday’s announcements from the company of interest within the music industry.

They include a new ‘AutoMod’ tool to help people set up automatic moderation to keep their Discord servers friendly and positive, including features to detect, block and alert human mods about messages with “harmful words or phrases”, and to deal with users who are “bad actors” within the community.

Also important, though, is the expansion of Discord’s ‘premium memberships’ feature which lets server owners charge for access to all or parts of their server. It’s been in closed testing since December 2021, but will now open up to more servers in the US this summer.

Many paid Discords have used external services like Patreon for this kind of thing, so Discord’s native option will be an alternative.

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