Festival Republic funds research on cutting festival emissions


There’s a growing base of knowledge about the different ways music festivals could become more climate-friendly, but putting them into practice is the challenge.

Now one of the biggest festival promoters, Festival Republic, is funding a new research project with campaigning organisation Music Declares Emergency. It’s focused on the UK, and specifically on connecting festivals to the UK’s national grid for power – thus reducing the reliance on climate-unfriendly generators on-site.

Besides funding the research, Festival Republic says it will build “fully renewably powered, grid connected stages” at three of its events in 2023, with the aim of encouraging its peers to follow suit.

“This project will be a game changer for outdoor live events. Generating our own temporary power is the highest contributor of on-site Greenhouse Gas emissions at a festival, and by plugging into the grid we will reduce this significantly,” said MD Melvin Benn.

It’s part of an ongoing raft of changes by the company focusing on sustainability: for example, this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals will be using 100% HVO biofuel rather than diesel, with a program of donations, plastic switches, recycling rewards for campers and other measures at its events this year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge