Impala unhappy with Belgian version of Euro copyright directive


Belgium has finally implemented the European Copyright Directive (you know, the one originally finalised in 2019) and independent music body Impala isn’t happy with its take on the legislation.

Specifically its addition of new rights covering musicians’ remuneration.

“We are very concerned by the new remuneration rights introduced by this legislation. We believe these new rights are not compatible with the EU Directive – they were specifically rejected by the EU institutions at the time of adoption – and will be impractical,” said executive chair Helen Smith.

“Labels are the artists’ main partners, the main investors in new music, and these new rules will seriously diminish their ability to take risk and invest in Belgian artists and Belgian music – a very bad timing considering that the sector was just on its way back to growth after a two-year pandemic.”

Clearly there are two sides to this discussion: earlier this year Belgian collecting society PlayRight welcomed the plans, which were expected to introduce some form of equitable remuneration (ER) for digital royalties there.

Written by: Stuart Dredge