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Startup Marine Snow is testing an interesting new approach to music royalties. It offers artists a fixed fee upfront to get a track exclusively for 90 days, playing it in rotation within its app as part of a curated selection of music.

Resident Advisor talked to founder Tony Lashley, formerly of Spotify and The Boston Consulting Group, about how the model works.

“The median artist we are working with receives about 100,000 streams on their median song on Spotify over the lifetime of the song, meaning that for 90 days we are paying 2.5x the lifetime revenue of their median song,” he said, noting that for artists in countries like Indonesia, the multiple is even higher.

“A local artist in Indonesia for example is making 14x in 90 days what they would make over the lifetime of their median song on other platforms.”

When songs reach the end of their 90 days, they’ll soon be able to be sold within the app – as tracks, but also as one-of-one NFTs.

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