SOCAN financials reveal 6% increase in its 2021 collections


Canadian collecting society SOCAN has published its latest financial results, revealing that its collections grew by 6% in 2021 to $416m. That included a 6% rise in domestic collections, and a 30% uptick in total collections from internet use of music.

However, the society has pointed out that its average songwriter member only earned $67 for use of their music online – part of its wider efforts to campaign in support of legislative changes in Canada.

“Internet royalties now make up nearly 40% of the quarterly SOCAN domestic distributions, which is why the Online Streaming Act currently being tabled by the federal government is so important,” said CEO Jennifer Brown.

“It is imperative that streaming services contribute to the Canadian cultural ecosystem by promoting Canadian songs and ensuring fair compensation for our members’ work.”

SOCAN also saw its international collections grow by 6% last year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge