Fender teams up with Meta to launch its own VR ‘Stratoverse’


Sorry, that should be Stratoverse™ because yes, Fender has trademarked the term just in case any other guitar-makers are also exploring virtual reality in the near future.

The Fender Stratoverse™ Horizon Worlds, to give its full name, is a partnership with Meta announced at advertising shebang the Cannes Lions this week.

Sitting within Meta’s Horizon Worlds, it’s a Fender-branded island that sends visitors off to find chords scattered around the place, and then create music with them in a ‘Riff Maker’ feature. There are also some air guitar zones, so we’re bracing ourselves for the sight of a Prada-clad Mark Zuckerberg avatar shredding in the near future, for promotional purposes.

But enough snark: it’s fairly interesting to see Fender making music creation a part of its first metaverse exploration. That’s also the approach Spotify has taken with its ‘Spotify Island’ on Roblox, you may remember, using features developed with its Soundtrap subsidiary.

Written by: Stuart Dredge