Mastercard teams up with Beatclub for ‘Priceless’ album


It’s called ‘Priceless’ but let’s be blunt for a second: how much would anyone really pay for an album on which every track is based on “the recognizable melody of Mastercard’s brand sound”? Happily for the payments giant, nobody has to pay: its new brand promo is being released on Spotify (and then other streaming platforms afterwards) for free.

Unveiled at – where else?! – the Cannes Lions, the album is a partnership with Timbaland’s beats marketplace Beatclub, which got 10 of the artists in its community to work on tracks based on Mastercard’s jingle. Spotify isn’t just the first DSP to get the album: it helped to launch it at the Cannes advertising event yesterday.

The artists are drawn from countries including the UK, Lebanon, Sweden, Algeria, India and the US among others, so it’s a global affair, with Niclas Molinder (CEO of Session, but also a songwriter and producer in his own right) overseeing the recordings.

Written by: Stuart Dredge