Mark Zuckerberg on AR/VR: ‘Getting spatial audio right is key’


As a technology, spatial audio has been higher on the music industry’s agenda in recent times, thanks in part to the push for spatial music from Apple Music and Amazon Music.

But games, virtual worlds and other metaversey business is also a factor, and it’s useful to note that audio is clearly on the priorities list of no less than Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself.

“Getting spatial audio right is key to delivering a realistic sense of presence in the metaverse. If you’re at a concert, or just talking with friends around a virtual table, a realistic sense of where sound is coming from makes you feel like you’re actually there,” he wrote on Friday.

This was part of the announcement of a partnership between Meta and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin for “open sourcing a set of audio-visual understanding tasks that will help deliver more immersive experiences in AR and VR”.

As with anything that a big tech firm is excited about, this presents opportunities for artists and music companies also working with that technology: Meta will certainly be keen to promote any music apps for its Quest headsets that make inventive use of spatial audio, for example.

Written by: Stuart Dredge