10 types of fan: from browsers to collectors and cult fans


Spring is the company formerly known as Teespring, well known to the music industry as an e-commerce partner for artists. It works with a whole range of companies and creators though, and it’s been tapping those clients’ fanbases – 8,000 fans in all – for a new study of the creator economy.

There’s plenty of interest for music marketers, including a breakdown of “10 fan personas based on the level of ownership and investment of emotion, energy, time and money fans put into their favorite creators”.

It ranges from browsers (who stumble across content) and observers (“aka the lurker”) through curious; subscriber; engaged; active fan; supporter; collector and superfan. That’s just nine, but the tenth is what Spring claims might be the next key fan demographic to emerge: cult fans – “those who buy multiples of merch, pre-fund work and want to own originals”.

Spring has also identified three of the key trends driving its business: closed communities; custom creations; and collaboration culture. You can read the full report here.

Written by: Stuart Dredge