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Just the latest reason to put ABBA’s ‘Super Trouper’ on Music Ally’s internal jukebox… Spotify has launched a new playlist-making feature called ‘Supergrouper‘.

Appearing as a box on the homescreen of its mobile app, it asks listeners to create their own supergroups by choosing some of their favourite artists. Spotify’s algorithm proceeds to whip up a ‘My Supergroup Mix’ playlist with tracks from all of them (here’s the Courtney Barnett + Rufus Wainwright + The Avalanches + Porij playlist we made this morning while testing the feature, for example).

It’s the latest algo-playlist feature for Spotify, which has also been strongly pushing its ‘Blend’ feature in recent months.

Meanwhile, in separate news, HITC is claiming that Spotify is testing a new karaoke mode, where listeners can sing along with a track’s lyrics, then get a rating for their accuracy. That’s not something we’ve managed to test, but there have been rumours of a ‘Sing Along’ mode in Spotify before.

Karaoke apps are a big part of Chinese music streaming firm Tencent Music’s business, but in the west there hasn’t (yet) been a big crossover between streaming and karaoke, beyond the efforts of UK startup Roxi. Perhaps Spotify intends to get in on the action.

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