Stationhead adds channels for BTS, Seventeen and Nicki Minaj


Stationhead is the user-generated radio startup that launched in 2017, cleverly tapping Spotify and Apple Music APIs to help people launch their own radio stations while ensuring every stream generated royalties. Having seen Spotify’s ‘Music + Talk’ podcasts and Amazon Music’s Amp app take on the idea, Stationhead is now fighting back with a feature called ‘Channels‘.

It will see stations launched around individual artists’ fan communities, starting with ‘BTS – Army’, ‘Seventeen – Carat’ and ‘Nicki Minaj – Barbz’. Those are also three of the first artists to have hosted sessions on Stationhead, with BTS attracting more than 600,000 listeners to theirs. The startup plans to launch at least 15 more ‘Channels’ by the end of 2022, focusing on stations that have more than 30,000 followers on its service.

The company also says that it has four million users (it’s not stated whether that’s active or registered) and more than 29k stations.

Written by: Stuart Dredge