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K-Pop group Blackpink have set their latest milestone on YouTube: 75 million subscribers to their official channel. They’re the first artist to reach this figure, although Justin Bieber (69.3m) and BTS’s BangtanTV channel (68.7m) aren’t too far behind.

In its announcement of the milestone, YouTube noted that Blackpink have six music videos with more than 1bn views, while the group are currently the 26th most popular artist on YouTube with 81.2m weekly video views.

YouTube’s music insights profile for Blackpink is also useful for seeing where those views are coming from. Japan is only their 11th biggest country, with 12.5m weekly views. India is top with 50.7m weekly views (a mark of YouTube’s scale there as well as K-Pop’s growing audience) followed by Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Thailand.

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