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Spotify hired AI music expert François Pachet back in 2017, and since then he’s been working on creator tools within the company. There hasn’t been much publicity around his work, bar a project in 2019 with musician Benoit Carré’s Skygge project, which used tools developed by Pachet’s lab.

Now an article on Forbes sheds some light on the latest output from Pachet’s team.

“One tool will let you tweak a song’s rhythm or melody. Another can take the harmony of a pop song from, say, Justin Bieber or Drake and combine it with the melody and rhythm of a fugue by Schubert or Bach, if that’s your thing,” is how the article described them, alongside some quotes from Pachet himself. “You’ll be able to try all sorts of combinations, and it’s really fun.”

As the article points out, getting clearance from publishers, labels, artists and songwriters for these kinds of adaptations could also be, well, really fun. But count us intrigued by how and when these tools might debut publicly for Spotify’s users to play with.

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