TikTok taps Track Club to grow catalogue of music for brands


It’s hopefully widely known now that the user-generated content licences signed between social platforms and music rightsholders cover, well, users – as opposed to brands. The goal here (from the music industry’s side) being not to cannibalise music usages that would traditionally be a sync.

TikTok, meanwhile, is keen to help those brands out by building a library of music that IS cleared for use in branded content. It launched its ‘Sound Partners’ program in October 2021 with a group of production music libraries (and distributor UnitedMasters) and now it has expanded its catalogue with a new partner.

Track Club is the subscription-based production music service launched by licensing firm Marmoset, and it will now be part of TikTok’s ‘Sound Partners’ too. The company is also making its pitch to brands by stressing its social (in the non-digital sense) credentials: it’s a certified B Corp that invests 10% of its post-royalty-payouts profits into community organisations.

Written by: Stuart Dredge