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UD (formerly Urban Development) has been working hard for a long time to support young Black musicians in the UK. Its latest effort is The Talent House, a ‘hub’ in East London offering a mixture of recording studios, rehearsal space, dance studios, workstations and teaching facilities.

It’s a £4.1m project that has included funding from bodies including Arts Council England and the Greater London Authority, and has ambitious plans to support young musicians and its local community, including UD’s annual ‘Industry Takeover’ conference, and courses in artist development and the music business.

“We know that the specific training needs demanded of Black music are not met by music education; there is a lack of strategic talent development in Black music, with many artists unable to achieve sustainable careers without subsidised intervention,” said UD CEO Pamela McCormick.

“Whilst Black music has never been more commercially successful in the UK, only a small percentage of the workforce is from communities experiencing racial inequality or barriers to social mobility.”

That’s what UD is hoping to continue tackling with its new hub.

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