MMF wants ‘greater transparency’ over black-box collections


That controversy within the UK music industry over funding for PRS Foundation isn’t going away. The petition launched by the Featured Artists Coalition in May calling for collecting society PRS for Music to rethink a cut in its annual donation to the organisation has now passed 1,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, MMF boss Annabella Coldrick has published a blog post praising the foundation’s work. “Rather than just talk about diversity and inclusivity, the Foundation has made a tangible difference to our landscape,” she wrote.

Coldrick also reiterated the MMF’s past calls for PRS for Music to use its ‘black box’ (unmatched) collections to fund data, educational or grassroots initiatives (e.g. PRS Foundation) rather than distributing it pro-rata by market share.

Coldrick thinks such a policy would “bring the UK into parity with other European collecting societies, who are already spending substantially more on cultural and social initiatives”.

She also called for greater transparency from PRS for Music about “the size and scale of these ‘unmatched’ revenues, where they are coming from, why they’re not being claimed and the efforts being made to find their rightful owners.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge