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The games industry being huge and growing is something many people have taken for granted for years now, which makes research firm Ampere Analysis’s latest prediction somewhat startling.

It forecasts that the global market for ‘games content and services’ will actually fall this year, from $191bn in 2021 to $188bn in 2022. Why? Partly a snap-back from the strong growth during the height of Covid-19 lockdowns:

“Now that many countries have returned to more normality, it is inevitable that consumer attention on gaming will in some cases become more diluted, especially in mature markets,” is the verdict on that.

However, Ampere also thinks that economic headwinds and cost-of-living worries around the world will also have an effect. “The idea that the games market is ‘recession proof’ is a fallacy…”

It also cites privacy changes in the mobile apps market (“which have turned on its head the ability to target specific cohorts and track advertising performance”) as hitting the most lucrative segment of the gaming market: mobile.

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