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We recently wrote about 33 companies to watch if you’re interested in music and the metaverse. Make that 34. PatchXR has been around for a little while now: we first wrote about it in May 2020 when it was one of the winners in the #NextStageChallenge Covid-19 hackathon. Now the company has launched its first product, PatchWorld.

Released for the Meta Quest 2 virtual-reality headset, it’s an app for creating and playing with music, using a block-based interface and a collection of virtual instruments and sounds. They range from the serious (recreated synths and drum machines) to the silly (not a criticism: we’re all for rubber ducks, frying pans and skulls in the music creation process!).

It also uses an inventive block-based interface to put all this together and play music. “Our goal was to bring together the magic of Disney’s Fantasia, the simplicity of Lego, and the electronic sound exploration and craftsmanship of Pink Floyd,” as founders Mélodie Mousset & Eduardo Fouilloux put it in an interview for Meta’s blog.

The app looks marvellous: and with plans to create a community around it, we’re intrigued to see how it evolves.

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