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Last month, YouTube announced that its YouTube Shorts videos were generating 30bn daily views, and being watched by more than 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users. Now the company has been talking up what that means for musicians.

A blog post from the YouTube Music team offered a new stat yesterday. “In April of this year, Shorts containing content sampled from long-form videos generated over 100 billion views.” That’s all kinds of videos, not just music, but it does include official music videos, livestreams, lyric videos and user-generated music content.

YouTube Music also made this claim: “Official artist channels uploading both Shorts and long-form video are seeing better overall watch time and subscriber growth relative to those only uploading long-form.”

YouTube is wielding case studies to back up this argument: emerging artist JVKE added 1.4 million subscribers to his official channel since starting to make Shorts, while another artist, Emeline, has seen “a 90% increase in long-form video views since she started posting Shorts on YouTube”.

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