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Research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has published its latest estimates for Amazon Prime membership in the US. The company claims, based on its consumer surveys, that Amazon ended June 2022 with 172 million Prime members in the US.

That sounds impressive: around two thirds of the adult population. However, CIRP pointed out that this figure had remained flat over the first six months of the year “after years of steady and even explosive growth”. Bloomberg suggested that a rise in the price of Prime monthly and annual memberships in February may be one of the key factors.

The music industry angle is that Prime membership has been a key part of Amazon’s music funnel, with those members able to get its Prime Music streaming service as part of their subscription, giving the company a ready-made base of listeners to upsell to its Amazon Music Unlimited service.

Amazon hasn’t published a global figure for Prime members since April 2021, when it had more than 200 million.

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