Lukas Graham set for ‘green battery-driven’ tour in Denmark


Diesel-powered generators are one of the big climate headaches for the live music industry when it comes to outdoor concerts and festivals. Various research projects and trials are underway to find alternative power sources for these events, and the latest will be showcased on an upcoming tour by Danish star Lukas Graham.

He’s working with a renewable technology company called Vestas for six outdoor shows in his homeland, swapping generators for portable batteries charged up with energy from an offshore wind farm. The company claims that the tech could cut the carbon emissions from each show by up to 98.5%.

This is a proof-of-concept partnership, so what we don’t know is how the costs compare to traditional generators. But the tour will be a good test of this technology’s reliability as an alternative to diesel-powered generators, and if all goes well, we could see more artists testing it out.

Written by: Stuart Dredge