Snap to launch a test turning NFTs into AR Snapchat lenses


Twitter, Instagram and even Spotify have been dabbling with NFTs in recent months, with tests ranging from letting users show off their NFTs in their profiles, to (in Spotify’s case) allowing a small number of artists to promote the NFTs that they are selling.

Now it’s Snapchat’s turn according to the Financial Times. It reports on an upcoming test that “would allow NFT artists to showcase their designs on the Snapchat platform as augmented reality filters”. The FT added that “Snap does not have any plans to charge the creators for showcasing NFTs… but it is exploring partnerships with third parties that could help the creators monetise their designs”.

We’ve heard a lot of talk at conferences about the idea of NFTs unlocking lenses/filters/effects (delete according to platform of choice’s lingo) in social media, so this could be a step in that direction – even if it’s purely a promotional showcase feature for now.

Written by: Stuart Dredge