The Song Sommelier has become a great source of podcasts and playlists alike, interviewing artists about the ups and downs of their careers, and the lessons they learned.

Now founder Keith Jopling – who recently wrote a guest post for Music Ally on balancing art and commerce here – has gathered some of those lessons together into a blog post with plenty of food for thought for young musicians and their teams.

They’re gathered into themes: creating and shaping the manifesto; mastering the craft and putting in the graft; and managing expectations and attachments.

“What matters is that you make the time to regenerate, make the art you need to make and that you keep in touch with your fans,” is one of those lessons. “Longevity is not a linear process, but cyclical – everything comes back around.”

You can read the full article here.

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Stuart Dredge

Music Ally's Head of Insight

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