Evolution Music shows off its first bioplastic vinyl record


The resurgence of vinyl sales has been an exciting trend for the music industry, but it’s come with some concerns around the environmental impact of vinyl production. But thankfully also some efforts to tackle that challenge.

British firm Evolution Music has been talking about its work on “the world’s first bioplastic vinyl record”, which it says is a drastic improvement (toxic emissions-wise) on the standard PVC process. Evolution has launched a prize draw to give away the first 20 records created using its process.

“It presses the same as PVC,” co-founder Marc Carey told CBS News. “The final piece of the puzzle is there is a little bit of surface noise when you play the record, so we are working on that. We think we are two weeks away from finalising the recipe.”

Climate campaign Music Declares Emergency has already welcomed the news of what it sees as “guilt-free vinyl”.

Written by: Stuart Dredge