Meta changes: Facebook Feeds tab and auto-Reels videos


Meta is making some changes to the way Facebook and Instagram work, and we think they could be significant for music marketers as well as everyone else using the platforms.

Facebook is splitting its main news feed into two: a ‘Home’ tab with all the algorithmic curation we’ve come to expect, and a new ‘Feeds’ tab that will present a newest-first view of posts from friends, pages and groups. People will also be able to create a ‘favourites’ list for this tab of “the friends and Pages you care about most”. Marketers should probably not rush to post ‘add us to your favourites to see our updates!’ exhortations however: it’s possible Facebook will see that as the kind of over-spammy content that can trigger a demotion by the Home tab’s algorithm…

In separate news, Instagram has added new Reels features, including the ability to ‘remix’ public photos into its short-video format; new templates to make reels creation easier; and most importantly the news that ALL videos posted to Instagram that are less than 15 minutes long will now be shared as reels. Instagram is also merging the Video and Reels tabs in its app.

Written by: Stuart Dredge